Sunday, January 27, 2008

Missy here, the beans went to Amadillo yesturday and lefted us here. They boughted them lots of different kinds of foods, they brought us de biggest bag of cat food we has ever seen. I heard the bean girl talking about growing us some grass? Oh, and guess what? They got us a new litter box!!! Mommie had been talking about getting a lectric one, but they met a really nice couple at the petmart store, who advised them to get this one: I love it, so do the bean kids. Just lift and guess what a clean litter box. No more scooping and digging for them, and clean litter for us. Happy Dance. Oh and I think that I smelled some cat nip in the bags too. Wowwwwe

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yokes on me

hehehehe.....Munchkin here.....I can't stop laughing.....hehehehe. I played a joke on Mommie and the young beans tonight.....hehehe. Every night the boy bean has to take me to bed with him, so tonight I decided that I was not going to go to bed at all. No sirreee no way no how. So I decided to hide really good, I crept into Mommies closet and got behind one of her craft containers and stayed there. Well, I guess I forgot that they were not ready for bed when I did that and well I fell asleep, so asleep that I did not hear them calling my name and even tried to get me to come out by shaking the temptations bag. I was hiding good let me tell you. Finally Mommie moved the container just enough to wake me but not for her to see me, well, I got out to look and see if they were ready to go to bed and the girl bean spotted me. Well, now I couldn't get back into my hidey spot quick enough and well, you guessed it, I had to go to bed with the boy bean. And I didn't even get any temptations, so I ask, "Who was the joke really on? Them or me?"

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mancat Monday

I have been doing alot of this since Mommie is working. Mommie has been on the puter lots, however she says that she is not visiting our friends, she is typing up notes that she takes is class, an eight hour class makes for lots of notes. She should have about 2 days left in class then she starts OJT for two weeks. She misses you all and will visit when she can. Monte.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Mommie is beginning to worry about my front pay pads. They are swollen and look like they are going to crack open. Has this happened to any of you, if so, what did you do to get it better?...Missy

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Day Done

Mommie gotted home wif the young beans, and yes it was dark, well almost. She said that she was frisked more times than she can count, and is going to have to get gassed and pepper sprayed, however, that is not until her 3rd week of academy. She says that she doesn't mind the gas so much as she is kinda used to it, with 2 male cats and 2 male beans, it can really get stinky around here....hehehe. The pepper spray is a little bit more worrisome to her. She has some longtime friends already working there and she thinks that if they can do it, well she can too.
She got to watch the last class of 07 graduate today, and she is one of 19 in the first class of 08. From what she has seen and heard today, the company seems to be a really great company to work for. She says that she is no longer the only girl in her family as she now has hundreds of family members, she just doesn't know all of them and probably might never know all of them.
Well she says that she has to hit the hay, she doesn't want to get fired by falling asleep in academy. Thanks again for all the warm fuzzys you have sent her, it really helps.

Today is the start of a new beginning

Well, today is the day, Mommie gotted up really early and has gotten herself all prettied up. We know that she is nervous in one way and not so much in another as she has academy for two weeks before she does any real work.
She keeps telling us that she will not be home until it is dark again, we are going to teleport to various places and visit you guys, if we show up at your house do not be surprised to see us.
We will let you know how her first day goes, later.