Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Long Time No Meow

Missy here, I have finally put my paws down and made Mommie type for me. We have not been allowed on the computer while she is at work and when she is home, she is too tired to look at a computer much less type for me. But tonight I met her at the door and put my paws down, all four of them. I tolded her that I was tired of not being able to let my friends know how we are, and I wanted her to post for me now. Well, as you can see I got my demands met.
We are all okay, getting kind of used to the new routine around here. Mommie goes to work early Monday - Friday and usually comes home, with the young beans, when the sun if still shinning. Daddy gets the young beans to school and then lays back down, and I join him, he gets up in the afternoon and goes to work, he doesn't get home until the moon is shinning high in the sky.
Sometimes like tonight Mommie and the young beans did not get home until the moon was halfway up in the sky. She said something about the Civil War starting up again. I didn't even know anything about it the first time, I wasn't even thought about way back then.
Whats that Mommie, oh the Northerners and the Southerners are fighting at where you work? Well, here is my way to fix that, send the North to the East and the South to the West. What do you mean, that won't work? Oh, they are gangs, and they will just keep fighting, well, ppssstttt on them. And that's all I have to say about that.
Mommie says that her fingers are tired and need a rest, so I guess I had better let her stop, or she says she won't give me the special treats she has for us, something about greenies...gotta go. Love and miss you all. I especially miss you Sabi.