Monday, June 23, 2008

Here we are

Mommie has been feeling terrible because she has not taken the time to post for us. She has been busy at work and with the young beans who have both had birthdays, as well as two of us here at "The M's".
The young beans are out of school and back to pestering, I mean loving and pampering some of us. The girl bean gotted some kind of letter from the President because of her smartiness. And Mommie boughted them both cell phones, now all they do is take pictures of us and text their friends. Geesh!!!
They also gotted another animal and putted him in the back yard wif the other animal, most of you know what that is, a d#g!! Oh, how we cats here at The M's detest that word. He has come in the house a couple or four times and eats our food. The young beans have to put it up on the counter when he is in here, and we don't like it. If you must know it is a German Shepard puppy. His name is not in the M family, daddy named him, his name is, get this, Cowboy. Now just what is up with that? He don't wear no boots or jeans, and he certainly cannot ride a horse, so why call him a cowboy? Beans!!!
Well, Mommie has taken up another hobby, especally since she works where she has to wear a badge. She makes beaded breakaway lanyards. She has made some for lonhorn fans, ou and osu fans, and last but not least, New York Yanky fans. She listed one on ebay, just to see how they would sell, as she can't hardly keep up at work. Here is the link, if you want to take a looksee: she does make lots prettier ones, some sparkle like diamonds, which are of course, a girls best friend.
Well, guess we had better let mommie get to bed, she has to get up when the sun does and go to work. Love and miss you all, The M's.