Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sad Sunday

Missy's Poem

Missy likes to eat yoghurt in bed
With Momma there to pick up the lid
When she knocks it offWith her tongue so rough.
There's nothing better than yoghurt in bed.

Monte's Poem

Monte hides his stash under the bed.
There are shiny things there, and maybe some red.
He goes there to hide
When he gets spooked inside.
There is no place better than under the bed.

Munchkin's Poem

Munchkin loves his tunnel best.
It is a place to play and rest.
He plays with a bird
And shadow and cord
While staying within his tunnel of rest.

We would like to thank Karen Jo for writing these wonderful poems about us. Mommie has tolded us that she has been really busy wif baseball and softball which has taken a lot of her time that she has, therefore she can not get to all the sites and leave comments on everyones sites. Plus she has been knitting kitty sweaters.

Mommie here:

We had horrible weather in our area last evening, all the beans were not home wif us, they were at Elk City in a baseball tournament. A tornado started close to our Grammies house, about 1/2 mile away, and crossed over I-40. It lifted and then touched back down around a very small town called Mayfield. It stayed on the ground for several miles and hit Sweetwater, Oklahoma, it was an F3 by then, and the school took a very bad hit, it is a K-12 school and is very small, so the students may be bussed to our town to finish the last two weeks of school.

SWEETWATER, Okla. Residents of several western Oklahoma towns are beginning cleanup efforts today after a series of twisters ripped through the area.At least eight homes were destroyed, several more were damaged and one person was injured after a series of storms spawned several tornados last night.
Most of the damage is in Sweetwater in far western Oklahoma, where about 150 homes remain without power this morning.
Emergency officials say a tornado ripped the roof off the local school, destroyed three homes and the school's bus barn and tossed several vehicles.
Tornados also touched down last night in Woodward and Ellis counties in northwest Oklahoma.

We also have warnings for more of the same this evening. We pray that if damage must be done, that no lives will be hurt.
Sweetwater is a very small rural community, with a very large heart. They will recover, it will not ever be the same, but it will be stronger.
We can hear the helicopters flying in to report the damage done from last nights storm. We are just very thankful that no one around here was seriously hurt.


Anonymous said...

That was too close for comfort. Glad to hear no one was badly hurt. It must have been pretty scary for humans and cats alike.

Daisy said...

Oh, I am sorry the tornado hurted the school. That sounds very scary.

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Wow, we are so sorry about the Tornados. We know how scary storms can be since we get lots of hurricanes here. But we are so glad you are all safe.

We love your poems. They are fantastic. Sending Much Purrs

Suzanne said...

i'm glad you're all ok. those tornadoes are very scary! stay inside please.


One of us said...

We are furry glad to hear that you are okay. We heards about the tornadoes on the boxynews. ~poiland tribe

Forty Paws said...

Yup. Weze both lif in tornado alley don't we? Yup.

Of course, Maw liffed in tornado alley wen she liffed in OH-MAW-HAW, NE too.

Luf, Us