Saturday, August 18, 2007

Today is our Mommies Daddy's Birthday. He was taken out to dinner and both his children were there along with their spouses and children. We then took him home to have cake and ice cream. He had a wonderful time with all his family. We love you Pa!!!!!!


Tyler said...

Very Happy Birthday to you, Pa! I hope that you had a great dinner with your children and their families. Here's to your good health and many more happy birthdays to come.

The Cat Realm said...

Happy happy birthday Grandpa!
It sounds like you had a great birthday party all together and we wish you MANY more to come! You look good!
Karl and Anastasia
(I'll send her over later to congratulate in person - right now she is still sleeping off her hangover at out blog)

Daisy said...

Happy Birthday, Pa! You look nice. I hope you had a wonderful dinner with your family. That sounds like lots of fun.

The Cat Realm said...

Hello Monte - I just posted our picture... Thank you for supporting me, you are the sweetest mancat EVER!
Did I ever thank you for the beautiful pinkish purplish flowers? They are wonderful. You are wonderful!
Your Ana

Samantha & Tigger said...

Happy Belated Birthday Pa! You have a very wonderful family who loves you a lot! Many, many, many more Birthdays.
Your FL furiends,