Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Long Lonely Day

Mommy bean wus gone all day twoday, so it tas just us cats til the younger beans and Daddy bean got home. Mommy bean didn't get home until afwer dark, she had to go to Amawillo to take her Daddy to his docters pointmints. Mommy bean says her Daddy has Pawk-n-son's and Con-gues-twve Heart Fwalure, don't sound too fun. Anywhoo, he got a good weport from one of his doctors, and the offer doctor called in a diffwent bean to look at a sore he has. He gets to have wady beans come in and help him essercise his muscules. Mommy bean says he has to go back to seen nother doctor on Monday. She said it is his Pawk-n-sons doctor, hope he gets good weport. She sure was tired when she gots home, she said she has to push him around in a wheel-chair, since he can't walk werry good. Well at least I didn't make too much of a mess wif da twee today. Got to go nap wif da youngest bean, purrs to you all. Munch.


Anonymous said...

Hi Munch and sibs, thanks for visiting me, and welcome! I'll have to get my mom to help add you to my links.

Last night we finally gave in and set up a Google account, so leaving messages should be OK for me today. What was so weird is that on some blogs everything would be OK and then on others, not OK. There was just no rhyme or reason to it!

(Update...it's happening again! ::scowl:: But it's me, William, http://williamthecat.blogspot.com)

Rascal said...

Hello 3 M's! Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. You've got some interesting posts here. Thank you furry much for visiting my blog.

Feline Oligarchy said...

Hi! Is Amawillo a squillion miles away? Did you guys share a can of Fancy Feast for her supper so she didn't have to cook?