Friday, December 8, 2006

Yeah Mommie

Yippe, Whoooohoooo!!! Mommie finally got me a bloog post. I ave been reading lots and lots of posts by ofver kitties and mommie finally is going to let me post. I am a dumpster find, Daddy was putting up a cahin lnk fense and found me crying my heart out. My birfh mommy had weft me. Daddy tooked me into the house and shuwed my ne mommie and her heart melted. I was only 2 weks old and very scared. Mommie fixed me up some specul milk and I got my tummy so full. I have ben with my new family for about three months now and am so fankful that I am widh them. I have two older sibwings Monte and Missy, I have finally gotten them to act like me (he he). Mommie calls us down when we are about to trash the chrismas twee. Well I guess I better get back to my nap sos I can trash the twee twnight.


THE ZOO said...

hi guys woohoo wes your 1st commenters. welcome to the blogosphere.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Hi Little Miss Munchkin! Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. We can't wait to heer more abowt you and yore fambly and see yore pikchers too.

Finny & Buddy