Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Day After

Sorry for the late posting, Mommies Dad called her early this morning saying that her Mother was not feeling well. Mommie went and spent most of the day with her, trying to get her in to see a doctor, to no avail. We have an appointment for next Wednesday to see a doctor that she has been trying to get her to go to. She is complaining of swelling in her hands and wrists. The joints in her hands hurt very badly. Her regular doctor did not want to see her and just called her in a prescription for a water pill!!! We are mortified, we don't think that it is just water retention, her feet are not swelling. Mommie said that her Mom made the comment that if she has to live with this kind of pain and useless hands, she wasn't going to live very long, she would quit taking her meds, she is a diabetic on insulin. Hopefully she will be able to get some relief soon. Sorry about not getting around to check on everyone else yet, maybe later, after the kids go to bed. Sorry for the rambling, on with the day after.

Munchkin slept in my arms for a short while last evening after the kids went to bed, so I guess he is not too mad at me. He has been very protective of his backside, which is hairless of course, sorry, I am not taking any pictures of that. He has been taking it easy for the most part, not tearing around the house like his butt is on fire, but has been fairly active. He made certain that Daddy got up for work, and came in asking me why I hadn't gotten up when my alarm went off. He was running a little bit of a fever this am, thanks to Forty Paws for pre-warning me so I was not worried.
This afternoon he seams to be getting back to himself a little more, still not tearing around the house just yet. The picture is of him setting in the window looking out to our front yard. He first thought that I was going to put him in the PTU, since it is still out, but I put him on top of it for him to look out the window. Guess I had better get back to fixing supper, I am making supper for all of us, and we are going to my Moms to eat it.


Forty Paws said...

He'll be fine tomorrow. He'll be back to tearing around the house. Sorry to hear your Mom is so poorly with her hands and joints. We hope she can hold out until next week! Sometimes doctors are a pain in the patootie!!

Luf, Us

Daisy said...

Munchkin, I am glad your ordeal is over and you are almost back to normal. Now I just hope yer Mommie's Mother feels better too!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Glad Munchkin is feeling better!

Spoiler said...

You are such a pretty kittie.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Hope you are mending fine Munchkin!
Lets hope we can say the same for your gramma soon too!

Lux said...

Best wishes for your grandma, and I'm glad you didn't have to get back inside the prison box, Munchkin.

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

We are so glad that Munchkin is feeling somewhat better and now we are hoping for the same for your Mom's Mom!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

Karen Jo said...

I am very sorry that your Mother is hurting so much. That sure doesn't sound like water retention to me. I am glad that you are taking her to another doctor. I am glad that Munchkin is feeling better. He'll probably be fine by tomorrow.

Luna said...

ooh poor mommy!!

For her..


Boy said...

oh no....wots of purrs to help your mommie's mom get better!llm

Meow said...

Sending best wishes to your grandmother, Munchkin ... hope she feels better soon. Glad you are ok, too.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

Sorrt to hear that your mommie's mother is not feeling well. My mom's
dad has diabetes too.Somtimes he says him legs and hands swell and hurt.It's a shame that some doctor's are so insensitive.Me and mommy will pray that she feels better soon.

Casey said...
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