Sunday, June 24, 2007


Can someone please tell us what type of flowers these are? The lady who planted these passed away several years before we purchased our home. No one has any idea what kind of flowers these are, please help us. (Sorry about the blurry pics. Still trying out the new camera)


jcfloresinc said...

They are very pretty flowers and that is the extent of our knowledge. Sorry. Mom kinda has a brown thumb.We love the squiggles. Wait till you see Tiggers Mancat Monday. (It's too funny.) They shouldn't let Mom's have camera rights over us. Geez!! Have a peaceful Sunday.
Samantha & Tigger

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sorry i don't know. now if it was a cake i could probably tell you but not a flower. y'all have a wonderful day though, you hear?

smiles, auntie bee

Parker said...

All I know is that they are pretty and I would like to sniff them!

Daisy said...

I wish I knew. Let's make up a name! How about "Prettypurples"?

Dragonheart said...

Sorry I can't help. My humans are pretty useless when it comes to plants.

Skeeter & LC said...

We have those in our garden! It is called Bee Balm (Monarda). Bees love it and hummingbirds visit it too.

It should be about 30" high, with slightly squarish stems, and it may have a tendency to spread. You can find a picture of it here:

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi Missy,
I got my Summer Secret Paw on Saturday and just posted about it. Thank you so much for all the wonderous goodies. I'll be playing with all of this for a long time.
Missy Blue Eyes

pee ess: That is some grrrreat nip! Wowie.