Thursday, January 4, 2007

Is it still Christmas?

Mommy wented to Amarillo on Tuesday wif her Mom and Dad, he had Doctor's appointments. Then yesterday she took the young beans to Oklahoma City to the toof doctors. She also wented shopping bought us a couple tings, and a new Christmas Tree. It is like one that some of the ofver cats have, tall and thin and lights alweady. It was 66percent off!!! Wow, what a bargain. She has it setting in the lifting room am we are all njoying it.
She is still hoping to find a pasta machine, she loves to work wif some sort of clay. Plus she is also looking round for a better camera, I like the one she has, takes great angelic pics of us. But she doesn't like scaring some of the younger kitties, sorry bout that. Hopes it didn't take any of your lives, I would really feel terybill if it did. Any ways got to get back to playing and naps....Munchie.


Daisy said...

It made my fur go straight, but just for a second. You are a very funny kitty!

Kimo & Sabi said...

We was sondering if is was still Christmas too 'cause uur momma brought home some Christmas card yesterday that she bought for 75% off!