Thursday, January 18, 2007

My First Thursday Thirteen.

My First Thursday Thirteen.

Thirteen Things about Munchkin

1….I am cute.
2.....I am a tuxedo cat.
3.....I do not like being held very much, maybe when I get older.
4.....I have a beauty mark, bummer because I am a boy cat.
5.....I have a white tip on my all black tail, I fink some cells go mixed up, they should have gone to my face and the ones on my face should have gone to my tail.
6.....I have siblings that live next door to me, but they live outdoors.
7.....I was found behind a dumpster.
8.....I like to get into the clothes dryer.
9.....I eat anything that my beans give me, I mean anything, I never turn anything down.
10...I do not like dogs.
11...I do not like to go outside.
12...I get very vocal when we run out of water or crunchies.
13...I have never met any blogger that I did not like.


Dragonheart said...

(I don't remember what my comment was, but I'll post something similar to what it was!)

Great list! Nice to learn more about you Munchkin. :) Being held is wonderful - I hope you learn to like it as you grow older. It sounds like you had a rough early life being found behind a dumpster. I'm happy you have a good forever home now.

jeterharris said...

hey ... i wuz fownd in a parkin lot an dere wuz a dumpster dere!
we mus come frum da same place!

Junior said...

I don't like to be held very much either....

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we wuz founded unner a junk car an we agree wif you totally 'bout nummer 13!