Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Missy is mad at Mommie

I, Missy, have just discovered that I was Kat's Kat of the Day on Tuesday. Oh boy I am mad at Mommie. I keep looking at her, like how could you have missed that very important bit of info. Don't you look at Kat's blog everyday? How could you have missed it? Oh, I am just so mad at you Mommie. Don't think for one minute that I am going to talk to you at all for a long long time...Missy. I think I will just put mine Mom up for adoption, any takers?

1 comment:

Parker said...

Your Mommy missed you on Kat! Ugh! Missy, you go girl, give her the cold stare! Then you have to forgive her and get a lot of treats!