Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Visus Deer Report

Mommie tolded Daddy that she needs some vishus deer repellent. She was driving home from her Moms house, with the girl bean, and a heard of those vishus things was crossing the road (more than what Skeezix has seen on his stroller trips.) She hit a couple of them, she was going pretty slow but not slow enough to stop. They got up and runned off. She has some minor damage to her van but she is hoping the Daddy bean can fix it.

On other news. The girl bean has a broken finger. She got into an altercation with a classmate of hers after school and the other girl grabbed our girl beans' pinky and bent it back and twisted it. Mommie had to take our girl bean to the er vet last night and they taped her up, took x-rays and tolded them to come back today for the results. They wented back and found out today that her pinky is broken at the base on the growth plate. They will go to a bone specialist on Thursday to see what he wants to do. The girl bean is in lots of pain, but us still being nice to us cats. We are trying to take care of her as much as we can wif out hurting her finger.


Suzanne said...

poor girl bean. you're very kind to try to be nice to her without hurting her finger.

give her my purrs, ok?


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

poor girl bean. we'll send good healing thoughts to her. we hope her finger gets all better soon.

Forty Paws said...

Oh my gosh!!! Maw swears kids are getting so mean nowadays!!! Argghh.

We send healing purrs and hedbutts to yur girl bean.

Luf, Us